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A successful corporate design is becoming increasingly important in today's world. Clear, aesthetic & simple - this is how we can best represent you. We are particularly dedicated to the topics of branding, corporate identity & your entire online presence.

Let me introduce myself

Hallo, mein Name ist Eva Mayer.

Hello, my name is Eva Mayer. I am a graphic designer with a strong focus on UI/UX design, social media and human-centred design, currently based in Graz. I know what I can do and what I want. My goal is to create design focussed on people. Designs should not only be pretty, but first and foremost make our lives easier. In recent years, I have acquired extensive knowledge in the field of accessibility on social media, which I also presented in my bachelor's thesis.



Whether user interface design, social media management or your website - everything is in good hands here. 


As much independence as you want. I won't leave you alone until the end and will show you everything you need.


Do you need additional skills in the graphics sector or would you like to provide your employees with further training?  

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