It is important to me that my work is customer-orientated and sustainable. I believe that successful collaboration is based on trust and respect and I am a reliable contact person.


UI-/UX Design

User Interface Design

Together we will visualise your ideas. In order to develop an appealing and user-friendly design for digital products, a good UI/UX design is indispensable. It's not just about an appealing look, but also about clear user guidance.

Social Media

Social Media Management

Good social media management is crucial for the success of a company. It enables customer loyalty, increases brand awareness and improves the image. We offer everything from concepts and templates to complete account management.

Web presence

Website creation

A good website is essential for every company. It is the digital business card and the first point of contact with customers. A well-designed and user-friendly website can arouse interest, lead to purchasing decisions and generate customer loyalty.

Frequently asked questions

Simply send a quick email with your course request, duration and preferred dates to kurse@eva.mayer.cc and we will then clarify all the details.

In addition to sufficient time, a computer, an Internet connection and the necessary licences for the respective programs are also required.

Send us your desired course details to kurse@eva.mayer.cc and we will try to fulfil your wishes.

Simply tell me what you need by e-mail and ask for a non-binding quote. I will then send you this in writing.

The best (and quickest) way to reach me is by e-mail at office@eva.mayer.cc or by phone at +43.681.20930148. Letters also arrive, of course, but as usual it takes a few working days.

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